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Crystal Therapy goes wild in 2020

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Crystal Healing is no new ideal. In fact Crystals and Crystal Jewellery have been worn and treasured for Millennia. Science has shown time and time again that Crystals contain vibrating energies. The Earth formed from Space Rocks smashing in to each other 4 and a half billion years ago, which in turn the Earth gained the key ingredients for life from the Asteroids that pummeled us for many Millions of Years in our infancy.

This deposited the building blocks for everything around us today, including ourselves. The elements that make us are the very same that make up Crystals. From heavy metals to Carbon and Electrolytes. Is it really that hard to imagine how we can have a connection to our distant relatives? 

And from this ancient recipe came a love of people adore their Crystals, even if it has only been in the last Century or Two that we have gained a better scientific understanding of our Gems and Crystals.

The spiritual encounters that I, and many other people have received means that the feeling towards them is reciprocated. Not just people from recent times too, In fact, an archaeological dig unearthed Moldavite on the statue, the Venus of Willendorf from 25,000 years ago.Further on Moldavite, it is also a belief from religious circles that Moldavite is adorned on the Holy Grail. In fact Moldavite could use an entire series of Blogs on its own so we won't dwell on it now (as much as we want to).

A popular notion is that Crystals and Healing Stones can help in almost every aspect of our lives from Physical and emotional right through to Spiritual. In fact it has not been recently that this has caught on, people would use Quartz on open wounds in our early World and wear and treasure the finest of Crystals believing strongly in the Crystal Healing benefits of their chosen Crystals and Gemstones.

The healing powers of Crystals and Stones is becoming a more popular complementary and alternative medicine with many reporting positive effects. The healing energies are used by people for protection, love, prosperity, health and even to control Anxiety and other related conditions. And no wonder when there is evidence that Crystal contains varying vibrations, just like most objects on this earth, so why not explore the possibilities. There's nothing to lose right?

Some of the more popular type of Crystal used to rid negative energy are:

  • Black Tourmaline
  • Amethyst
  • Quartz Crystal
  • Rose Quartz
  • Obsidian

also not to forget other related spiritual tools like Sage and Mugwart. Many will debate the lack of Scientific evidence however it's power and reach goes far beyond current papers and writings with Cultures around the world using and believing in the power of smudging in particular in ceremonies dating back several thousand years ago, especially by Native Americans and throughout parts of South America. Even Churches using smudging as a practice of ridding bad energies.

It's interesting when you look back into the past of other examples dating much further back than smudging from the Americas and beyond of the use of Crystals and Gems. To note would be the Hindus using Diamonds 15 Centuries ago for protection from Evil Spirits.

Protection seems to be one of the most common properties sought out by people from current and historical times. Romans believed Emerald was a Gem which improved fertility and was connected to the Goddess Venus. Ancient beliefs in Burmah believed Rubies would make you invulnerable. It's interesting that the reach of Stones has had on the planet. How could so many separate cultures put these beliefs into these gifts from mother Earth without some common reason behind it all.

Interestingly, it's not just the use of Crystals that pre dates back in time. People have been writing literature on the 7 Chakras and Crystal healing for too long to ignore. One of the oldest books on Stones was written 1000 years ago by an Arabian Alchemist y the name of Abu Musa Jabir Ibn Hayyan. If this topic interests you, there is a abundance of Books out there filled with beautiful pictures and writings which can help further your knowledge.

Crystal Healers will use a variety of Crystals to try and align energy flows through parts of the body by aligning the 7 Chakras. With people growing tired of prescriptions in the modern World, it's no wonder the popularity of people who are studying and offering Crystal Healing as a natural alternative energy with customers showing no signs of shortage.

We hope that you have enjoyed our Blog and have more articles written about various topics, if you would like to read more you will find a wealth of knowledge on our page in the Blogs section. Oddball Crystals would love to hear from you if there is any more information you would like or anything that we can help you with including the best Crystals to use for a particular outcome.

It is important to note that Crystal healing should only be used as a supplementary health and well being exercise and Medical advice should always be sought first and given the utmost priority in treating your condition. We look forward to your visit @ Oddball Crystals

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