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Five Crystals To Get Rid Of Anxiety

Five Crystals To Get Rid Of Anxiety

Boost your esteem and level up the confidence game with crystal healing!

Anxiety and stress are inevitable! Because we are humans and when we fall in stressful situations, anxiety is a very common emotion that we experience. We face fear, nervousness and apprehension.

Although it can be tackled with meditation and yoga, there are some uncommon healing processes for anxiety as well.

Crystal Healing! Yes, there are some very interesting crystals which are known to deal with anxiety very well. Come; let’s explore the plethora of anxiety healing crystals...

  • Blue Lace Agate- When we are anxious or in apprehension, we cannot express our mind properly. Rational thinking is something which is not present in an anxious state of mind. Therefore, blue lace agate is a very widely known crystal for calming our mind and bringing confidence. This crystal is also related with the throat chakra and a balanced throat chakra is directly linked to an open and confident self.


  • Amethyst- Anxiety grows due to increased negativity in our mind. When more negative and pessimistic thoughts are manifested in our mind, anxiety and fear breeds. Amethyst is one such crystal which has got anti-anxiety properties in it. It caters to break the cycle of negativity and thus deal with anxiety.
  • Pyrite- One primary reason of anxiety is fear! When we can eradicate fear from our mind, anxiety automatically flies away. Pyrite crystal is related with the Solar Plexus chakra of our body which helps in overcoming fear. Pyrite emits a “can-do” energy when used and enhances the will power. Thus, it is a great crystal for dealing anxiety

  • Rose quartz- Rose quartz crystal is known for its power of love and affection. And we know that love is the opposite of fear and anxiety, so what better that a rose quartz can cancel the negative energies of anxiety?! The rose quartz soothes the heart chakra and fills our mind with love, affection and compassion.
  • Danburite- Danburite is a synergy twelve crystals and has got master healing properties for many emotional problems. It is therefore also referred to as the master healer crystal. Danburite is one among the high energy synergy twelve crystals which has many unique and powerful healing properties. It helps dispel anxiety by calming the mind and relieving the mind from self doubt and fear.

Danburite CrystalThis was all about anxiety healing crystals. If you are thinking of buying yourself any crystals, check out the amazing collection of crystals at  They have a plethora of crystals and stones in store and you would surely find one for yourself.

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