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How Does Crystal Healing Work?

How does Crystal Healing Work?

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Crystal healing can be achieved by anyone out there willing to have a go, Its easy fun and satisfying!


One of the best things about working with crystals is how unique and magnificent they can be. The same type of Crystal can have many healing properties, each individual piece has their own individual character and the ability to be synergistic with you on a personal level. Our response to different crystals varies based on our own spiritual and physical needs.


A look at how healing crystals work:


The universe, the earth and everything around us is energy, including the human body, which supports it's own unique vibrations .


Every type of crystal runs its unique vibrations, and through this comes healing properties that are essentially unique.


Some Stones implore grounding and protection, some healing of the physical self, and others have very high spiritual vibrations and will help raise your personal vibration.


While working with Stones and Crystals, the subtle energies of the Crystals works in combination with your energy, helping to balance and heal as well as uplift your physical and energetic self.


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Having crystals near you they will emit their subtle healing frequency to cleanse and transform you and the energy surrounding you. Crystal healing can be as simple as having them near by, holding them, looking at them, or carrying around in your pocket.


Having crystals near by can help you to subdue energetic blockage, open spiritual communication, bring mental and emotional healing, helping the physical planes of your body and so much more.


Important points to remember while working with Crystals is they can be programmed, and many require regular cleansing. But more on that next time as it's a blog all to itself. Stay safe and love one another. We are all spirits of the Earth and joined by our energies.


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