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Rose Quartz Wands 3 Pieces-Oddball Crystals
Rose Quartz Wands 3 Pieces-Oddball Crystals
Rose Quartz Wands 3 Pieces-Oddball Crystals
Rose Quartz Wands 3 Pieces-Oddball Crystals

Rose Quartz Wands 3 Pieces

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You will receive 3 in total. The picture is a good indication of the quality of this beautiful Rose Quartz. These Wands are 40 - 60 mm approx and are chosen at random. All stock is similar to the others pictured.

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Benefits of Rose Quartz

There are many benefits associated with rose quartz. For those who believe in its properties, its benefits include:

Unconditional Love

Rose quartz is most commonly associated with love, and its soft blush tones only reinforce this. It's a colour often associated with the heart and love. It's a giving and receiving stone whose gentle and soft colour reflects pure love.

When the use of rose quartz opens the Heart chakra, it facilitates healing of the heart and encourages unconditional love. Those who believe this purchase the stone to attract a mate because it's said to emit a strong vibration of love, along with emotional healing and joy.

It can also help a person become calmer, more peaceful, and serene, which results in complete relaxation that promotes feelings of contentment and happiness.

Self Love

Not surprisingly, the stone's properties don't only attract external love, but self-love as well. This occurs through the removal of emotional blockages to balance the chakras and emotional health.

It may lead to greater feelings of pure love within you, which becomes so evident that it is immediately recognized and felt by others who will usually react positively toward it. Hence leading others to be attracted to you.


Rose quartz is also known for its healing properties. Wearing or carrying it increases blood circulation throughout the body and is even more powerful when worn close to the heart. This can help boost neuron activity which can fast track healing while improving your complexion.

Some of its other healing properties include its ability to:

  • Encourage kindness and compassion
  • Help heal problems in relationships
  • Foster mutual understanding

It also increases feelings of peace and calm and replaces negativity with more positive emotions when worn. It helps to promote balance and love.


Rose quartz can help remove wrinkles and improve the clarity of your skin. Steep it in water overnight, more specifically in the light of the moonlight, then use it to clean bruises or cuts. You can also use this elixir as a face wash, especially if you have sensitive skin. It helps promote a more youthful complexion.


The high vibration of rose quartz during meditation can help enhance feelings of stillness, bliss, and self-love. Meditating well can help you to better manage stress. It also increases self-awareness, creativity, and imagination.


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