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Rose Quartz Candle Holder

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The gentle and beautiful warm tone of these elegant candle holders will just melt you away in relaxation and tranquility. With a flame dancing around the beautiful stone, you are sure to know that treating yourself to these Candle Holders was the right decision. Because they are an all natural product, you know they will be an amazing gift for someone who has everything. Something they, or you can keep forever. Say yes and enjoy the stone of love and compassion in an everyday object that you will have forever.

Size: About 100 to 110 mm diameter and around 30 to 50 mm high, approx 700 to 800 grams (may vary slightly being a natural product)

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How You Can Use Rose Quartz

Knowing the benefits of rose quartz can help determine how best to use it. Here are a few ways people ensure they get the most out of their rose quartz products.

Jewellery - Using rose quartz jewellery ensures the stone's properties are more powerful as it is in direct contact with your body. However, when used specifically as a necklace, this ensures the stone is close to your heart and the Heart chakra. It will help release the tension and stresses within the heart.

At Home - Rose quartz in your home will help create an atmosphere of healing and compassion that will not only benefit your family but those that enter your home.

Under Your Pillow - Leaving rose quartz under your pillow helps you to have calmer dreams. It takes away nightmares and replaces them with sweet dreams. As you sleep, you'll have a greater sense of peace and love resulting in the emittance of positive vibrations.

There is no limit to the way you can use rose quartz. You can have it close if you need to:

  • Restore trust, love, and harmony in relationships
  • Improve close connections
  • Provide calm and comfort in times of grief, stress, or trauma
  • Encourage trust, respect, love, and self-worth
  • Protect against evil, especially when worn
  • Cleanse your body
  • Connect with feminine energy to promote warmth, tenderness, and compassion with nurturing forces

However, you choose to use it, ensure it maintains its properties by taking good care of it. Although durable, it is photosensitive, so it can fade over time if exposed to a lot of sunlight.


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  • What size is this please?

    Hello Vicky! The Rose Quartz Candle Holder is  about 100 to 110 mm diameter and around 30 to 50 mm high, approx 700 to 800 grams (may vary slightly being natural product). Cheers, Carolyn