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Rose Quartz Rough 1kg-Wholesale-Oddball Crystals
Rose Quartz Rough 1kg-Wholesale-Oddball Crystals
Rose Quartz Rough 1kg-Wholesale-Oddball Crystals

Rose Quartz Rough 1kg

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You will receive a 1KG BAG of Rose Quartz Rough. 

(Picture is a sample only and is not the exact item you will receive, quality and size may vary slightly)

Approx. Size Tumble: 40mm 

Approx. 10 to 14 Rose Quartz Rough per Bag (will vary depending on size)

Weight: 1kg

  • The power/energy coming off of this Rose Quartz is natural, unpolished, unfiltered LOVE. Everyone is able to make use of a little unconditional love in their lives, such as the kind we obtain from our domestic pets. However, if meditating with a German shepherd in your lap seems absurd, Rose Quartz is definitely an alternate source where one can get the unconditional love. With all the exquisite energy of the world, you may use Rose Quartz to nurture your heart chakra with romantic love, self-love, love for your family and love for life.
    Rose Quartz advantages consist of gaining love, relaxing your feelings and reviving your emotional body. Rose Quartz can also help to detox your energy domains to discharge anxiety, strain, anger-facilitating the forgiveness for yourself and among others. It's calming and peaceful energy helps you to substitute these damaging powers with sensations of faith, peacefulness and a cure for the near future. Whenever you carry a piece of rose quartz in your hands, you sense being wrapped up in a bubble of mild, tranquilizing, nurturing energy. Of all of the crystals for love, rose quartz crystals possess the softest/gentlest energy. In terms of the best rose quartz functions, stock up your bedroom and space with Rose Quartz.
    We sometimes overlook the way to love-we understand what love ought to be, what it really should seem like and just what it indicates to reside in the vibrations of love, plus a rose quartz crystal functions as that straightforward indication. Possessing it within your surroundings really helps to frequently program your mind to dwell through your heart.
    Rose Quartz discharges actual softness and that energy spreads throughout the space to fill it up with all the energy of love. Whenever you come to feel sad, distressed or pissed off, your rose quartz gazes back to you, allowing you to switch your attitude and energy, activating the making of unconditional love inside yourself.
  • Rose Quartz is actually a Seeker Transformer Crystal. Seeker Transformers are amulets applied once the wish is to discover method to enhance part of one’s life to some more suitable condition. In Rose Quartz, the robust enthusiasm and energy Red is objective to subtler, womanly facets. This is actually the color ray of willpower, determination, and caring. Simply, pink is love. Additionally, pink is a calming color, beneficial to tranquil emotions of rage or bitterness. Rose is a relaxation color that may help endeavors to meditate. Rose is definitely the shade of new love, new ambiance, and new romantic relationships. It can be notably effective in Seeker crystals just like it.
    COLOR ENERGY Rose quartz crystals are classified as the all-natural birthstones of people born in mid-autumn (October 22-November 20).
    GODDESS Rose quartz can be used to honor Aphrodite (Venus) Goddess of Love, Astarte, Phoenician Goddess of Fertility, Love and War; and Turan Etruscan Goddess of Love and Beauty.
    HEALING Rose quartz is associated to the very first Chakra, the actual Chakra that is found at the bottom of the spine and radiating throughout the feet and legs. This is actually the grounding Chakra and relates to the fitness of the body. When it's uneven you'll sense flighty and bodily adrift. This bunch can be utilized efficiently in crystal healing once the Base Chakra requires modification.
    FENG SHUI Featuring its fire energy, Rose Quartz is definitely the hue of abundance and extravagance in conventional Feng Shui. Nonetheless, an excessive amount of red results in trouble sleeping as well as over excitement. Make use of scarlet as well as red carefully - they're finest being an accentuate and item. Use red and scarlet crystals in locations where kids play, and readily in rooms in which levels of energy are centered on activity. Dining rooms as well as kitchens gain from red crystals. They enable the disposable circulation of energy that's essential in these kinds of places. Stay away from red or scarlet crystals within the East, or Southeast of your property. The very best areas are the North, Northeast and Southwest, and South.
    ZODIAC Rose Quartz is customarily connected with those born beneath the symbol of SCORPIO (23 Oct - 21 Nov). MEDITATION/YOGA/RELAXATION Rose Quartz is a very common meditation rock employed by women. It contributes greatly in endeavors to grasp and foster caring associations also to deliver a soft strength to a person's day.
    Other Info Other enthusiasts report that Rose Quartz is a stone of Love. Robert Simmons in the "Book of Stones" says it is "the quintessential stone of love." He motivates the placing of it in each and every room to take its mild energies into your life. In "Crystal Energy for your Home," Ken Taylor reviews rubbing it on your forehead before retiring for the night will assist in restful sleep. In "The Women's Book of Healing", Diane Stein finds it is the "most universally positive stone of heart healing stones" and a stone "that resonates with a woman's aura for deep and personal healing."


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  • How big are the pieces roughly and weight roughly? Thank you

    Hi there! You will receive a bag of 1kg Rough Rose Quartz, and approximately 10 to 14 Rose Quartz Rough per Bag (will vary depending on size). Hope this helps! Cheers, Carolyn

  • Aprox. How many stones do you receive?

    Hello Neesha, thank you for this question. Approx. 10 to 14 Rose Quartz Rough per Bag and will vary depending on size. Hope this helps! :)

  • Do you have any biggish pieces.

    Hello there, unfortunately we don't have large rose quartz available. Please let us know if you further questions. Thanks!