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Mixed Crystal Chips 250g-Oddball Crystals
Mixed Crystal Chips 250g-Oddball Crystals
Mixed Crystal Chips 250g-Oddball Crystals

Mixed Crystal Chips 250g

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Great quality Crystal Chips in bulk. All your favourites!  To help put the extroadinary value into perspective, the main picture was taken with 500 grams and the sample photo in hand is barely 20 grams.With so many fun uses they are sure to bring fun to your creative side. Fill a fish bowl and bling up your fighter fish, Fill a Vase in your home or office. Sprinkle them around your pot plants or garden or perhaps just sprinkle them around the place wherever you feel like. You are sure to be suprised at the quality of these chips.

In each back you would find different sizes in chips between sizes of gravel and rough chips. 


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  • What is the size range of the crystals in the mixed crystal chip bag roughly?

    Hello! :) The chips are 2 to 10 mm on average. Hope this helps :)

  • Hello there firstly thank you for your top quality previous orders that i have received over the past 2 years. Qu: with the 250g mixed chips , Are there any of the following Crystal chips included?:-Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, tiger eye, citrine, Fluorite, , selenite , obsidian, sodalite, Lapis Lazuli or are they artificial dyed crystal chips? If they are artificial dyed chips, do you sell any natural Crystal chips otherthan the bracelets? Thank you Nicola Q.L.D

    You are most welcome Nicola and thank you for your feedback. We love it when our Crystals go in to a new home to be loved. As for your question, the Crysal chips do have all those Stones but I am unable to guarentee anything because some times a new shipment of them could say have far less sodalite and far more tigers eye for example. WE receive them pre bagged and cant do anything about that sorry. We would love to chat to you if you ever want pics or have questions about what is currently in STOCK. As for natural Citrine, that is limited into Jeweleery.