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Quartz Gridding Points 250g-Oddball Crystals
Quartz Gridding Points 250g-Oddball Crystals
Quartz Gridding Points 250g-Oddball Crystals
Quartz Gridding Points 250g-Oddball Crystals
Quartz Gridding Points 250g-Oddball Crystals
Quartz Gridding Points 250g-Oddball Crystals
Quartz Gridding Points 250g-Oddball Crystals

Quartz Gridding Points 250g

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There is so many points in this 250 gram pack. You can see the points are very nice however there are larger pieces and some irregular but generally you will get a massive collection of points for a top price. Really good clarity. These are a lot smaller in size than the larger points we have for sale in the 1 kilo bag.

How To Clean Crystals

No matter what type of crystal or stone you own or hope to have, it's best to clear any negative energy by properly cleaning them. Not surprisingly, a few of the cleaning agents that are ideal to use, are a part of nature. This provides a pure source of energy for any type of crystal.

Here are a few, as well as some other agents that you can use to maintain the health and effectiveness of your crystal:

Regular Water

You can use water to clean hard stones such as quartz. Water returns the stone to nature and nullifies any negative energy stored in the stone. Natural running water is best, but you can use any other source of running water such as water from your faucet.

What's most important is that you totally submerge your stone. Do this for approximately one minute per stone, then pat it dry. 

Salt Water

Used as a natural cleaner for centuries, it's also a good option for cleaning hard stones such as amethyst and quartz. Ocean water is ideal and can absorb unwanted negativity. If you're not close to the sea, use a bowl of regular water and add a tablespoon of table, rock, or sea salt.

Again, submerge the entire stone and let it soak for a few hours or even as long as two days. The length of time will depend on how much cleansing you think your stone may need. Rinse your stone after soaking and pat it dry.

Natural Light

Use natural light for most tumbled stones such as jasper. Tumbled stones are placed in a machine called a rock tumbler that smooths their surfaces and edges to give them a polished finish. 

Place your stone outdoors, preferably in direct contact with the earth. Be sure that it won't be disturbed by anyone, including wildlife. You should do this before nightfall until about 11 am the following day. This will allow your stone to bask in both the light of the moon and the sun.

However, be careful, as too much sunlight can erode the stone's surface, so never leave it out all day. Remove any debris or dirt from the stone by lightly rinsing it which will clean it even more. Then pat it dry.

Inclement weather can damage soft stones. You should avoid using this method for vibrant stones such as amethyst.

Brown Rice

The great thing about brown rice is that you can use it to clean any type of stone - hard or soft. It's especially good for protective stones like black tourmaline. Brown rice allows you to remove negativity from your stones in a contained and safe setting.

Bury your stone at the bottom of a bowl of brown rice. Leave it for 24 hours. The rice will absorb any negative energy, so throw out the rice once the cleansing is complete.


The healing properties of sage are numerous and it has been used throughout history. It's a sacred plant that can clean any stone. Smudging is an Eastern tradition that involves the burning of herbs to purify persons, places, or items of negative energy.

The method of smudging sage can restore your stone's natural energy and clear unpleasant vibrations. It's better to smudge outside but if this isn't possible, do it near a window to allow the bad energy to escape.

Before you start, make sure you have:

  • A loose bundle of sage
  • A bowl that's fireproof
  • Matches or a lighter

Light the stage and move your stone through the smoke. Let the smoke envelop your stone for 30 to 60 seconds, depending on how much cleansing your stone needs. 

The great thing about smudging is that you can use it on any type of stone.


The theory behind using sound as a cleanser is that it heals by providing a single tone that spreads across an area and brings anything within that area into that same vibration. You can do this by using a bell, a tuning fork, singing bowls, or simply chanting.

The key you use doesn't matter. But the sound must be loud enough for the vibration to embody the stone. Do it for five to ten minutes. It's an ideal method for any type of stone or if you have multiple stones that you may not necessarily want to move from one place to another. 


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  • Good morning Do you have something similar to quartz gridding points in other colours?

    Hello Merinda,

    Thank you so much for your message. Unfortunately, we only have the clear ones available. Sorry I couldn't be more of help. Thanks, Carolyn

  • Hello. When are you expecting to have these back in stock? Thank you

    Hello! No definite date yet but we will have them in a couple of weeks. By the way, we have this new feature on our website wherein you will be notified when our out of stock items are back on hand. Kindly click on this link https://oddballcrystals.com.au/products/quartz-small-gridding-points-250g, you should see the 'Email When Available' button at the bottom :)

  • How many pieces per bag, I want number not weight please

    Hi there Liz! Each bag contains usually over 100 but there are no guarantees with natural products varying size bag to bag makes it impossible to have an exact number. Hope this helps :) Cheers, Carolyn.