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7 Chakras Tree of life Kit-Oddball Crystals
7 Chakras Tree of life Kit-Oddball Crystals
7 Chakras Tree of life Kit-Oddball Crystals
7 Chakras Tree of life Kit-Oddball Crystals

7 Chakras Tree of life Kit

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Buy your 7 Chakras Kit from Oddball Crystals and you will receive a beautifully packaged Kit containing 7 Stones, all with the Chakra Symbols printed on them. The box they come in is a particle board so it's fairly durable and environmentally friendly, because you will not want to throw out this beautiful packaging. The Tree of life on the lid also has the Chakra symbols printed on top. Hold them while meditating and disappear into bliss! Fantastic gift idea!

The box measures 165 mm or (6.5 cm) top to bottom and side to side. 15 mm high (1.5 cm) and weighs a gross weight of approx 320 grams.

Stones included is 7, all approx 40 mm High (4 cm) and 35 mm Wide (3.5 cm) and approx 5 cm thick, or 0.5 cm. Red Jasper, Agate, Aventurine, African Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Yellow Jade & Moss Agate. On average, each palm stone weighs around 15 grams but this can vary ever so slightly.

Cleansing Your Way To Positive Energy

The belief in the healing properties of crystals, although not scientifically proven, has helped people to cope better with illness, find emotional stability, and create a sense of peace and calm.

Cleaning can remove unpleasant energy, but even if you're not quite sold on the properties they may contain, learning how to clean crystals also enhances their beauty. So you'll feel proud to wear them or use them to decorate your home or office.

If you're still not sure what crystal is best for you, visit Oddball Crystals and browse the variety of stones we offer. Contact us so that we can help you find your ideal source of positive energy.


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  • Hi, so is $48.99 the wholesale price for this item?

    Hi, we do Wholesale style bulk and that is the correct price. We do not have Wholesale accounts so people can go and click on an item. This is not a bulk product but rather a well priced retail box. Thanks, Steve