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Baby Groot Chicken Crystals Bundle

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We are currently out of the sage that has the chakras in coloured flower petals. We are currently using Sage without the coloured petals, and as a bonus is slightly larger than the chakra ones. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

This beautiful and cute Groot comes with too much love plus our hand picked crystal, the best combination to start a new year with amazing spiritual and physical energies beaming from within. Each piece is different but are all the same great quality. Some may be a little different but that's all part of the beauty of the individuality of Crystals.

You will received:

- A Baby Groot Chicken / Approx. Size 12cm / Material High quality Resin

- 250g Mixed Crystal Chips

- Smudge stick Sage Chakra / Approx. Size 10cm

- Quartz Wand / Approx.. Size 50mm

Approx. Weight 585g with all the Crystals


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