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Labradorite Bath Bomb-bath bomb-Oddball Crystals
Labradorite Bath Bomb-bath bomb-Oddball Crystals

Labradorite Bath Bomb

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Immerse yourself in the magic and protection of our Labradorite Bath Bomb. Made with real labradorite and crystal, this bath bomb will help recharge and soothe your body and mind. Enjoy a luxurious, therapeutic bath with the power of natural healing.

You will receive a hand picked Crystal and bath bomb. THIS IS FOR ONE BATH BOMB. 

Relax and recharge with the healing power of Labradorite. This stress-relieving bath bomb utilizes crystal energy to restore balance and create a calming atmosphere in your bathroom. Each fizzy bath bomb is infused with Labradorite to bring relaxation and positivity. Give yourself an energy boost with the magical power of Labradorite.

All Fragrances oil specifically formulated for skin care. All these fragrances are Phthalate Free.

Ingredients Bath Bomb: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Cream of Tarta, Cornflour, kaolin Clay, SLSA, Almond Oil, Polysorbate 80, Fragrance, Water soluble dye, Lavender Flower.

Contains Crystals which can be a choking hazard for unsupervised kids.

  • Approx. Size Labradorite  45mm
  • Approx. Size Bath Bomb with Crystals 100g


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