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Quartz Tumbles - 250g-Tumbles-Oddball Crystals
Quartz Tumbles - 250g-Tumbles-Oddball Crystals

Quartz Tumbles - 250g

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Small to medium size 15 - 25 mm on average. Approximately 28 to 32 per bag but each bag differs and they are made by weight, not by units.

Why not fill a vase with them or any other unlimited artistic uses. Batches may vary in size but of consistent weight. Suits artist, Aquarium hobbyist, home decorating, Crystal Healing and more!

They are around 15 mm to 25 mm

What Are Crystals Used For?

Ancient civilizations used crystals for healing and years later, they're still used for mainly the same purpose. Here's why there is a great belief in their healing properties and some other ways you can use crystals:


Considered an alternate therapy, crystals heal by allowing positive energy to flow through your body, removing any toxicity or negativity in the process. Crystals channel your energy levels allowing your body to heal from the inside.


Crystals also promote positivity through their energy and vibrations. This helps to uplift not only your physical health but your mind and mood as well. This provides the foundation to allow you to face challenges or setbacks with renewed strength and open-mindedness.

Concentration and Creativity

Placing a crystal on your body helps you feel at ease and frees your mind. It allows you to concentrate better and help get your creative juices flowing. It's a great way to enhance any talent or ability you may have.

In general, crystals help to remove physical, mental, and spiritual blockages.


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  • hello would you be able to tell me roughly how many tumbled stones are in 250g?

    Hi Aimee, Id love to help. Its on average15 tumbles a bag. ( numbers may differ as they are sold by weight and not pieces so if tbey are a little larger then its less quantity for example. Many thanks, Steve