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Agate Geodes Box Bulk-Mixed Chunks Boxes-Oddball Crystals
Agate Geodes Box Bulk-Mixed Chunks Boxes-Oddball Crystals
Agate Geodes Box Bulk-Mixed Chunks Boxes-Oddball Crystals
Agate Geodes Box Bulk-Mixed Chunks Boxes-Oddball Crystals

Agate Geodes Box Bulk

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These Beautiful Boxes with Agate Geodes Brazilian Crystals are a great way to boost your collection up at a fantastic price! Buy in Bulk with our Wholesale range and save. Why not give some to a friend and keep some yourself. The Universe always rewards the act of giving and kindness!

This Mixed Geodes Box has become increasingly popular with Crystals Shops and Market sellers as a way to boost their earnings potential and range. By offering Crystals for sale at individually marked prices, this allows the return to be higher when on-selling compared to buying and selling single items. Especially when people want something more significant than Crystal Tumble Stones.
Buying Bulk makes our range affordable and perfect for re-sale, especially if paired with Free Shipping for orders over $99. And get your stock on Afterpay! 
These Crystals are not heat treated and come beautifully packaged with consistent colours and top stones. Use for Crystal Healing in your Workshop, decoration or just to enjoy their beauty, why not order now and see what everyone is on to!

Wholesale Agate bulk Box contents:

Large collection of coloured Agate Geodes. They vary slightly in size but all boxes are packed to same weight. On average 34-39 Agate Geodes per box. Dyed (coloured) Crystals.

Approx Size Box 235 mm x 160 mm x 45 mm
Size per piece: Approx 2 to 4 cm each
Weight on average: 1200 Grams


All Brazilian Crystals Wholesale Boxes are picked in person, only restocking if we are happy that they reach our high quality standards.

Crystal Healing

Bulk Crystals online

 Crystal Healing is no new ideal. In fact Crystals and Crystal Jewellery have been worn and treasured for Millennia. Science has shown time and time again that Crystals contain vibrating energies. The Earth formed from Space Rocks smashing in to each other 4 and a half billion years ago, which in turn the Earth gained the key ingredients for life from the Asteroids that pummelled us for many Millions of Years in our infancy. This deposited the building blocks for everything around us today, including ourselves. The elements that make us are the very same that make up Crystals. From heavy metals to Carbon and Electrolytes. Is it really that hard to imagine how we can have a connection to our distant relatives?  A popular notion is that Crystals can help in almost every aspect of our lives from Physical and emotional right through to Spiritual. With a mix of 12 different Crystals, this makes the perfect Tool set for Healing of Mind, Body and Soul.

Crystal Properties

With such a selection of Crystals, the Healing benefits are many, from prosperity and abundance to protection. 

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Ask a Question
  • When do you expect to restock these? I got an email today saying they were back in stock but it looks like I wasn't quick enough.

    Hello Cj,
    Thank you for reaching out. Not sure as when we will restock as our supplier won't be getting this for awhile. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. 

  • How big are thes agates, i want to mount airplants

    HI Karen and thanks for your question. These are quite small for something like that, There are a lot in every box and are around 3 to 4 cm. Thanks, Oddball Crystals