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All about Crystal Healing in 2019

All about Crystal Healing in 2019

Crystal Healing is no new ideal. In fact Crystals and Crystal Jewellery have been worn and treasured for Millennia. Science has shown time and time again that Crystals contain vibrating energies. The Earth formed from Space Rocks smashing in to each other 4 and a half billion years ago, which in turn the Earth gained the key ingredients for life from the Asteroids that pummeled us for many Millions of Years in our infancy.
Five Crystals To Get Rid Of Anxiety

Five Crystals To Get Rid Of Anxiety

Boost your esteem and level up the confidence game with crystal healing! Anxiety and stress are inevitable! Because we are humans and when we fall ...

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Oddball and our Crystals for sale

Here at Oddball, we have a mission to supply only the best Crystals for sale. Your business means a lot to us and you will never be treated like just another number which is why you are in the right hands when you are looking to buy Crystals online.

No matter what your purpose, from building your own Crystal Grid to adding to your Healing Stones, or mabye you like just reading through our blogs and information about Crystal Healing properties. People use their Stones and Gems for everything from display to looking for Crystals for anxiety and even good luck and prosperity. Some of our favourites which we can offer you are Turquise, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Tigers Eye, Lapis Lazuli, Obsidian, Aquamarine and more.

We have been getting very popular for an easy way to get stock to your door with our Wholesale Crystals range. Buy in bulk and you get to enjoy benefits like free shiping over $99, Afterpay so you can start selling it before you have paid for it and only the best care in everything we do.