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Hematite Chips 250 grams-Oddball Crystals
Hematite Chips 250 grams-Oddball Crystals
Hematite Chips 250 grams-Oddball Crystals

Hematite Chips 250 grams

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These Hematite Chips have such an intense shine and beauty. Guaranteed to be just what you were hoping for, these Chips are fantastic media to use in your artwork or even for various uses around the House. A Vase filled with Hematite Chips is a stunning feature piece. You will receive one bag of 250 grams. The pictures are a reference only as that is to show you the exact stock quality from this shipment, there may be more or less on our product photos.

Crystals have had a place in history since the Ancient Sumerians used them in their magic formulas. The Egyptians used them in their jewellery primarily for good health and overall protection. They believed they could purge evil spirits and banish night terrors with the use of peridot and topaz.

Tracing the role of crystals in history reveals a common thread of beauty and mystery. This, along with their seemingly magical properties, inevitably draws people to them. Today, many people believe that crystals send vibrations that emit as well as absorb energy.

It's important to know how to clean crystals properly as they can become exposed to energies that may not align with your own. This also applies to when you first purchase your crystal. It can attract energy both positive and negative from various sources along the way before getting to you.

But there's no need to worry, they can be easily recharged and cleansed. Read on for tips on cleaning crystals.


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